Spread The Love Workshop Q&A with event host Amanda Antolik, Owner of Moon Water Medicine

Spread The Love Workshop Q&A with event host Amanda Antolik, Owner of Moon Water Medicine

Behind the Maker Q & A


We sat down with Amanda, owner and the sole maker of the Moon Water Medicine, the other day to learn a little bit more about herself, her journey, day-to-day life, and everything in between! Amanda will be hosting her first workshop, “Spread the Love,” on February 5th from 5-7 pm at The Dollhouse!


Picture of Amanda, Owner, and Maker of Moon Water Medicine

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a mama to the most amazing boys, Michael (18) and Arlo (2). I am a wife to the man of my dreams; keep an eye out. We are a power couple with BIG goals! I am a forever student, currently obtaining my BA in Ayurveda Wellness. I am an 18-year veteran in the dental field. I am a certified nicotine health coach to guide you through quitting. I find a way to experience nature daily. I am an adventurer. I am a full-on Sagittarius & Manifesting Generator.


When you strip all those labels away, I am an infinite being of love & light, navigating this life the best I can, just like everyone else.


Q: What does your day-to-day look like?

(hints: Maker & Mom School & work )

My day-to-day fluctuates a lot! With everything on my plate, I have to ebb & flow. I’m an early bird & typically wake around 5. The calmness of my house is the medicine I need to survive my day. I have a solid morning ritual including Abhyanga oil massage, slow flow Hatha yoga practice, breath strengthening exercise, & getting myself ready for work, all before I wake my family. After work, my husband typically has dinner ready (he’s a rare gift). I hang out with my family, and once the kids sleep, I spend a few hours on schoolwork and business. Weekends aren’t as organized, but my son's nap time is where the magic happens, as I cram as much into those two hours as I can, so I can just BE present with my family and mySelf.


Q: Where can clients find Moon Water Medicine?

On my website moonwatermedicine.org as well as The Dollhouse, Sterling Rivers Spa in the Village West Plaza, and occasional pop-up events or vendor shows.


Q: When did your MWM journey begin? What was that? Ahh Ah, magical moment?

I had been making a handful of self-care items for myself for over a year, and it started setting in just how beneficial the natural products were for my mind & body. In the early Winter of 2021, I craved a creative outlet badly. I was making tea in the kitchen with a DIY Spirulina face mask when it clicked that I should share my gift.


Q: Spread your love here. What advice would you give anyone who has not yet pursued their dream?

Life is far too short not to have your wildest dreams come true, and NOBODY will hand them to you. There’s never a proper time so if you genuinely want it, take the plunge & trust that the universe will guide you. Maybe that sounds generic, but it’s the simplistic truth.


Q: What are some of your 2023 manifestations?

Living life with less guilt, less judgment, and more love for the unique being that I am. Basically, I am manifesting freedom from anything that holds me back as I continue to accept every bit of this journey I’m on.


Q: What is your mantra - My mantra is one simple word that will change your life… HEALTH! Both mental & physical have been a struggle recently, which shed light on how badly it needs to be a bigger priority.


Q: What will guests experience at The Spread The Love event?

For starters, lots of LOVE. The opportunity to get to know me better personally. A powerful way to release stagnant energy from your body. The aura of being in a room full of positive people expressing their creativity, it’s inspiring! An opportunity to shop one-of-a-kind vintage gems. And Hopefully, a ton of fun as we create bath salts & hunt for surprise gifts from the great local businesses who graciously donated!


Tickets are $30 

To reserve your space,  Pay Pal moonwatermedicinellc@gmail

Thank you, Amanda! We absolutely LOVE your energy, passion, heart & soul. Your mission to “spread the love” and to guide us to a healthy lifestyle through your handmade beauty products & self-love!
We are looking forward to your upcoming workshop! 💖
Asé -Emily George 






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