Boss A** B!$@h


Look what we got our hands on! A once loved Christian Dior designer two piece suit set, which includes a colorful plaid double breasted blazer and matching pleated skirt! 

This set is a size 4 for a perfect fit. If you’re looking for an oversize style we would suggest a size 2 person! 

The best part of the suit are the inner mixing colors throughout the pattern allowing so many different styles to be worn with different colored pieces. Another great aspect of a suit such as this one, being the two pieces it is, you have more style possibilities splitting up the suit for different outfits! 

This Christian Dior suit was designed in the early 2000s making it not quite Vintage but just about! But, shopping designer sustainably makes up just for that! 

Size: 4 

brand: designer Christian Dior

material: 50% wool 35% rayon 15% polyester 

price: $124 (full set price)