O.M.G. The 90's Are Totally Back

Remember the 90's? Like, totally! It's a mix of Clueless, "your mom jokes", knee high socks, Britney Spears, Rugrats, Furbys, Spice Girls, boy bands galore, and my favorite show Sex in the City was introduced (thank you 90's)! Erie is lucky to have a place to find many 90's inspired looks. Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique, located at 2508 Peach Street, is a sustainable, Earth-preserving, fashion lover’s dream come true. The owner, Emily George, has taken her passion for fashion, sustainability, and love for her local town into fruition. Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique was established in 2013. Now onto her second...

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About Us

Project Erie Entrepreneur: Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique June 28, 2018 Welcome To The DOLLHOUSE Emily Lynn George, is the blonde, bubbly, effervescent Owner/Operator of Pointe Foure LLC., Creator of the D.O.L.L. Project, and Treasurer of Independence Hill Collaborative of Erie LLC. Her mission is “to teach others how vintage is truly a trend on saving the planet, teaching the awareness of poor work conditions to make fast fashion, how it creates jobs, and educates us on the value and beauty behind the scenes of each piece.” She is that and SO MUCH MORE! There’s a reason Emily was named Erie’s 40...

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