The Queen of Red Comeback

The Queen of Red Comeback

"The Queen of Red is reclaiming her throne with the re-release of Red (Taylor’s Version). The internet went crazy after Taylor’s music was sold to Scooter Braun despite her plea not to. After much struggle, Taylor decided to re-record all of her songs that were sold to her so that all of those original copies are essentially worthless. In honor of being able to hear all of these songs again as if it were the first time, here are three outfits to make you feel like the main character in “All Too Well.”


 Plaid Blazer and Turtleneck (Swiftie Like Me):

This look is inspired by the outfit worn by Taylor Swift while promoting Evermore. Her braided back hair and wool plaid coat is seen from a back view, giving rustic, camping in the woods vibes. Evermore is the most newly written album, making us all feel cozy at home for the holidays. This outfit consists of a plaid blazer, black long sleeve turtleneck, black velvet pants, and a pair of black heeled boots.


Plaid Blazer and Red Dress (Loving Him):

  Of course, there are always a few more romantic, glitzy songs sprinkled throughout the album. Stay, stay, stay is the most fun as Taylor jokes about running errands and the bubbly highs that go along when you are first with a significant other. But in Red, which names the album she sings “loving him was red”, giving us all that feeling of romance that can be joyous or dreadful. This gorgeous, red gown makes it feel like you are running down a street at dusk trying to get to your love before they leave to go back home *cough, cough hallmark*. Since the blazer has a gorgeous burgundy tone it pairs well as a unique second layer.


Plaid Tweed Peacoat and Red Scarf (Innocence):

Now this is a look that goes with the song we are all pining to hear over and over, All Too Well. Except, this time around we get to experience 10 minutes of passionate heartbreak instead of 3. This warm, tweed coat keeps you warm while walking through autumn leaves that are falling like pieces into place. Inspired by her post for the new All Too Well, included in the album is this denim Bakers hat. And unlike Taylor, who never got her scarf back, you can keep this old red scarf from that very first week."

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