O.M.G. The 90's Are Totally Back
Remember the 90's? Like, totally! It's a mix of Clueless, "your mom jokes", knee high socks, Britney Spears, Rugrats, Furbys, Spice Girls, boy bands galore, and my favorite show Sex in the City was introduced (thank you 90's)!
Erie is lucky to have a place to find many 90's inspired looks. Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique, located at 2508 Peach Street, is a sustainable, Earth-preserving, fashion lover’s dream come true. The owner, Emily George, has taken her passion for fashion, sustainability, and love for her local town into fruition. Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique was established in 2013. Now onto her second location on what many locals coined "Independence Hill," business is thriving.
I spent an afternoon with Emily looking through the 90's garb she has collected and purchased. Why was I there other than my love for her and vintage? Well,
November 3rd, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness of Erie) is hosting a 90's dance at Rainbow Gardens,
and where better to find a real authentic 90's get-up than Pointe Foure? Her store is packed with goodies from the 1920's to the early 2000's. I'm talking wedding dresses, fur coats, old Levis, jewelry, and locally made perfumes and accessories among some of the things. It's a no-brainer that you'll definitely find your next Halloween outfit, 90's inspired getup, or a date night outfit that's unlike any other. While I was there, a woman even said "yes to the dress!” How freakin' amazing is that?!
Emily recently won an award from the Erie Reader for being a worthy “40 Under 40” individual in Erie. Emily and her store are the embodiment of keeping Erie weird, by hosting flea markets, gallery nights, and other events that incorporate local businesses and bringing those who keep Erie "weird" together and lifting each other up. Supporting local entrepreneurs is a must.
So if you’re looking for something fun to do, go to Pointe Foure. Pick out a rad outfit. Wear it for Halloween or the 90's dance, or both! I know I am.
Support NAMI of Erie. Click the pic above for more info and tickets for the 90's dance!

Want to win tickets to the 90's dance? Erie Reader is hosting a contest for just that. Click here!

Gnibus fam circa early 90's
I'm thankful for the 90's. How about you?
XOXO- Kristy
November 29, 2018 — Emily George